With our detailed market understanding across Kenya and across various segments, Epitome Surveys offers its clients with unparalleled land surveying solutions. We help our clients explore and maximize on various services we offer to their benefit.

Since Epitome Surveys Limited understands that different companies, institutions and individuals have different requirements, one-approach model may not work effectively. Therefore, we offer a range of approaches for our clients to get customised work as per their specifications.

The core services of the company include:

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Through Due-diligence, we help safeguard an investor or a buyer from being conned from fraudulent land seller. We take reasonable steps to satisfy a legal requirement in buying or selling land. It involves property description and ownership, tax map and parcel size, master plan compliance, property boundary survey and clear title to the property among others.


We determine property boundaries, improvements, easements on the ground, and define extent of land ownership. This helps land asset to conform strictly to requirements of Land Laws to guarantee land title. Through title surveying, we realize a map which shows the property; its boundary lines, structures and other features as located on the parcel.

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Through Topographical Surveying, we map terrain (ground surface levels), contours of the ground, existing and manmade features; on or slightly above or below the surface of the ground. This helps identify a base map for the designing of development structures and show perimeter boundary & easement lines for a designer to accurately show zoning and other agency required setbacks.


Through Engineering Survey, we deal with developments, construction and engineering projects to show the exact positions, lengths, heights, levels and thicknesses of all the construction components. After the survey, we prepare charts, profiles and sectional drawings which are used by engineers, architects and planners. Projects range from single house, landscaping the compound, Thika Super Highway, airport runway, sewage line, commercial and residential estates.

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This is a computerized and modern system for capture, storage, manipulation, analysis, management, and presentation all types of geographical data. Through GIS, we: map the spatial location of real-world features, visualize the spatial relationships among them, compare trends of growth and expansion over time, model possible future trends and impacts/scenarios, make better decisions about location for the success of an organization.